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What customers are saying about us:

“Emmaculate Reflections started servicing me in our Coral Springs, FL location and as I have expanded into four (4) more locations, Emmaculate has expanded with me.”
Mitch, Owner, Westside Bagels, Coral Springs, FL

"I cannot express to you enough how much I appreciate all of your hard work over the past week here at Mizner. I had underestimated the amount of work it was going to take to get us back to the level that we need to be, and after working with you for only a few days, I am confident that we made the right decision in bringing Emmaculate Reflections on with us, especially with you at the helm. I truly am happy with the progression so far. To be completely honest, I was expecting there to be many more mishaps than there were. The small issues that we have had were exactly that, small issues. There will always be some small issues, and I understand that, but I am exceedingly happy with how you have handled all of them and provided immediate solutions. As long as we keep an open line of communication and quick follow up, this will become a very good working relationship. As far as Monday, that will work out fine. I am going to have my crew working in the kitchen that day as well, doing a long list of minor equipment repairs and modifications. I have built a rack to get the CO2 bottles off of the floor, and we are also going to replumb some drain lines under the pass to get them off of the floor so that it can be cleaned easier. We will also be modifying all of the walk in cooler thresholds, so we can’t get any water on the fresh sealant around the doors. I will mark off the areas around the doors with blue tape and let Mike know about it also. I also underestimated the ineptitude of our previous day porter staff. I never realized how truly inefficient they were. After finally catching up and being able to spend some time with the porters in the past couple of days, I am making a few changes to their stocking and replenishing procedures. I just got back from another trip to my home away from home(home depot), and I got a bunch more storage bins and shelving units to put in all of the different utility closets throughout the Clubhouse and Palazzo in the restrooms and locker rooms. I am going to overstock everything in all areas so that throughout the day they will only be bringing clean hand towels and returning dirty ones to the laundry, instead of having to haul everything around with them. I put another 50 dozen hand towels into circulation today in order to put a large backup/overstock amount in every member restroom. We will also stock enough amenities(mouthwash, toothbrushes, soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc) to last a week or more which is probably over kill, but that way we will never run out, and I will add restocking of the closets to the night porters routine. I just think that it makes much more sense that way. I also wanted to mention that all of the day porter staff have not only met, but exceeded my expectations. As I mentioned to you earlier, with our previous porter staff, I used to get 5-10 calls over the radio every day letting me know that the forgot to do this-or-that. So far I have received less than 5 calls in the entire first week with your crew. That’s one hell of a quick learning curve! Astounding job, and an incredible crew!"
Mark Jacobson, Maintenance Manager, Mizner Country Club, Boca Raton, FL

“Emmaculate Reflections has provided me with a wonderful crew that responds to my needs. The crew is reliable and consistent in delivering our daily services.”
Richard, GM, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Consistent, dependable service backed by caring managers who make sure the job gets done right.”
Sondra, GM, Roy’s Bonita Springs, FL

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