Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Service


Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Services provides a cost effective nightly kitchen cleaning service that keeps your restaurant, country club or hotel at a high level of sanitation and appearance.
We provide a myriad of nightly janitorial services to meet all of your cleaning needs in the kitchen!

Floor cleaning programs:

Emmaculate Reflections offers nightly cleaning of your kitchen floors, mats, baseboards, etc. Our staff will sweep and dispose of debris, apply hot water and approved degreaser to the floors, deck or machine scrub and then rinse the floors clean. We place special attention to cleaning under the cooking equipment, prep tables, expo and serving line, refrigerator equipment, etc. Emmaculate Reflections will also clean and sanitize the drains.

Emmaculate understands the importance of kitchen floor and grout cleanliness. We clean hundreds of restaurants and have cleaning experience with all types of kitchen flooring such as quarry tile, Durabond and cement.

Equipment cleaning programs:

Emmaculate also specializes in the full cleaning, degreasing and breaking down of all types of kitchen cooking equipment. We provide a kitchen equipment cleaning program that is tailor made to your needs; and can clean, break down and degrease your hotline, your prep line, your back line, your bakery stations, etc.

Emmaculate uses only the highest quality degreasers and cleaning chemicals.

We understand how to “break down” and degrease equipment properly.

Emmaculate also can provide hood and filter cleaning, display kitchen cleaning and polishing, stainless steel cleaning and polishing (refrigeration units, prep tables, fire walls, etc.) wall cleaning (FRP etc.), kitchen ceiling cleaning, etc.





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