Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Service


Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Services is your floor care specialist.
Our experienced floor care staff can offer you a complete carpet cleaning and floor maintenance program. Whether you are in the restaurant business, hotel industry or a country club; your appearance is everything to your clients... and one of the first things they notice is the condition of your floors. Customers make a direct correlation between dirty floors and dirty food, in their mind.

Carpet cleaning programs:

Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Service offers several different carpet care programs to meet your needs: periodic carpet maintenance programs or one time deep cleanings.

Emmaculate Reflections provides truck mounted steam cleaning, but also has access to other types of carpet cleaning programs such as dry powder carpet cleaning, “green environmental carpet cleaning” etc. We can tailor a carpet cleaning program to meet your everyday needs. Heavily trafficked areas can be spot cleaned on a regular basis so that your carpets always appear clean and fresh. Emmaculate can also provide “interim” maintenance for high traffic areas such as bonnet cleaning and dry powder cleaning. For carpeting that is in real bad shape, we provide pre-spotting and deep steam extraction cleaning.

Stone and hard floor programs:

Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Service has over thirty years experience with all types of hard floor maintenance.
Some of the floor care services we provide are: stripping and refinishing of all types of hard flooring, machine scrubbing and refinishing, nightly high speed buffing, wood floor care and marble/stone polishing or a complete stone restoration service.

Emmaculate Reflections is unique in that it can provide high level professional marble, stone and wood floor care. This is important, as many Restaurants, Hotels, and Country Clubs have these types of flooring. Emmaculate is constantly training and re-training on the latest methods to properly clean and polish the latest wood and stone flooring. We use stone powders and diamonds on a regular basis to achieve high levels of shine on our customer’s stone floors.

So, no matter what your commercial floor care needs, Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Services has the solution to keep your Restaurant, Hotel or Country Club shining from the floor up. Please contact us for a free, no obligation estimate.





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